Prepping for Success

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness pro or new to working out, there are a number of gym bag essentials that can make a huge difference in your workout experience. Below, we’re breaking down our top items for making your time at the gym more productive and enjoyable!

What You Should Bring to the Gym

Give yourself your best shot at an incredible workout experience with these essentials:

A Workout Plan

The most important thing you can bring with you to the gym is a plan for your workout. While it doesn’t have to be too formal, having an idea of what you want to accomplish in your workout will help to maximize your time, make you feel more accomplished, and increase your chances of consistency.

A few things to consider when creating a plan for the day’s workout: the amount of time you have, your energy level, what your most recent workouts consisted of, and your overall health and fitness goals. Your plan could be as simple as deciding if you’re going to focus on cardiovascular, active recovery, or strength training. And if strength is the focus, is it an upper body, lower body, or full-body workout day?

If you’re new to creating a workout plan, let a personal trainer design a plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. Be sure to also check out this complete workout plan for beginners!

Water Bottle

Dehydration can cause lowered endurance, strength, and focus during a workout. Stay hydrated to perform at your absolute best! In addition to replacing lost fluids and regulating your body temperature, drinking water before, during, and after your workouts will also help the recovery process, reducing soreness and assisting with muscle repair.


Sweat is a great sign of a hardcore workout — but it can certainly be a distraction! Bring a small towel with you to keep sweat out of your eyes and keep you comfortable during your workout. Note: For wiping off equipment, it’s best to use the sanitizing wipes placed throughout the club.


Listening to your favorite music or podcast can certainly make your workout more enjoyable and increase motivation. In addition to helping you block out surrounding distractions in a busy gym environment, it can also make intense workouts feel more manageable. The right playlist can help you push harder, maintain a faster pace, or take on challenging exercises with more gusto. For the best experience, choose headphones that are comfortable and sweat-resistant.

Gym Lock

Carrying your personal items – wallet, keys, phone, jacket – around with you on the fitness floor is not only a distraction for you, but to everyone around you. Streamline your workout experience and ensure the safety of your belongings by bringing a lock to safely store your items in the locker room. Protecting them in a locker will give you peace of mind, so you can put all of your mental focus on your workout. Many gyms also offer combination lock pads, removing the need for a physical lock. Be sure to check with your gym before your first visit!

Post-Workout Snack

We recommend following up any intense workout with a post-workout snack to aid in recovery and replenish your body’s energy stores. A snack containing both protein and carbohydrates can support muscle repair and restore glycogen stores that were depleted during the workout. A post-workout snack will also help to prevent an energy crash before your next meal. A few snacks that travel well: a banana with peanut butter (try individual peanut or almond butter for convenience), protein shake or bar, or trail mix.

Personal Hygiene Items

Feel fresh and comfortable after your workout by bringing health and beauty essentials like deodorant, face wipes, dry shampoo, hair brush or extra hair accessories. Having items on hand for a quick spruce-up allows you to quickly jump back into your day — and helps remove any time barriers to getting to the gym (no excuses!)

A Positive Attitude

We promise you, nothing makes a workout better than a positive mindset. It makes a huge difference both during your workout and after you’re done. In addition to making workouts feel like less of a chore, a great attitude also leads to much better interactions with other members and staff – both of which ensure that getting to the gym is something you actually look forward to!

Gym Workouts in VA & MD

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